Marca Modello Tipo Anno prod. Colore Tastiera stato note custodia particolari
TRIBE “Indian”   Recent Fiesta Red with western patterns maple Near mint Telecaster shaped metal body – two humbucking pickups Original gig bag One out of three made
EPIPHONE Zephyr Emperor Regent   1954 Natural rosewovd     OHC  
EKO 12 string solid body “I Kings”   1966 Red rosewood very good priv.coll. HC ex “I Kings” – designed by Pierpaolo Adda
EKO 700   early  60’s  Red Sparkle rosewood excellent priv.coll. no case ex “I Kings”
GALANTI Solid body   early 60’s Yellowburst rosewood excellent priv.coll. original gigbag  
EKO Hollowbody   mid 60’s Red S/burst rosewood excellent priv.coll. no case 12 string -DeArmond original p.u.’s
RICKENBACKER 450/12   1973 Mapleglo rosewood excellent   OHC  
Albert Lee   1997 Pearl Blue maple excellent priv.coll. orig. gig bag ex Albert
Lee – dedication and autograph by Albert Lee
BURNS Unique
  1995 Black rosewood mint Made after “Hank Marvin Legend” – priv.coll. OHC esp.made for Pierpaolo Adda – based on Hank
Marvin Legend
MOGAR Hollow Body   early ’60’s Sunburst rosewood excellent DeArmond white face pickups no case De Armond p.u.’s
& Melita bridge
BURNS Hank B. Marvin mod.   mid ’60’s White rosewood excellent priv.coll. HC                             
HARMONY Broadway arch-top 60’s Sunburst rosewood excellent   HC  
MELOBAR 6 string   80’s White neck – Black foam body   excellent+   no case Very rare example. Probably 1 out of 12 made.
VOX Mandoguitar   mid 60’s Sunburst rosewood near mint   OHC + raincoat  
ZEROSETTE Hollow Body 12 strings   mid 60’s Sunburst rosewood excellent-   no case  
EKO Kadett   1965 Sunburst rosewood excellent+   OHC  
EKO Hollow body – 6 strings   mid 60’s Redburst rosewood excellent priv.coll. no case ex “I Kings” -De Armond p.u.’s – unique example
FRAMUS 800/1 lap steel   70’s White   excellent Major-Minor changer bridge OHC and legs  
FRAMUS Waikiki   60’s Sunburst   excellent   OHC  
EKO 700   early 60’s White Pearl rosewood mint   original gig bag!  
GRETSCH 6122 Country Gentleman   1958 Walnut Stain ebony excellent P.A.F. p.u.s  – No zero fret – 1st year of production OHC  
DEIDDA Telecaster style   80’s Dark orange maple cap excellent 3 pickups (DeArmond, Chandler, Bill Lawrence) – Bigsby vibrato HC  
GUILD DE 500 Duane Eddy   1983 Blonde   near mint Rarest and extremely beautiful! OHC  
RICKENBACKER 325   1964 Fireglo rosewood excellent   OHC  
RICKENBACKER 450   1961 Fireglo rosewood excellent priv.coll. OHC thick crest body
THE JACKSON GULDAN VIOLIN CO. Epitome lap-steel & Mod. 290
  late 50’s White Marble   near mint   OHC  
BUGARI Stonehenge   1980’s Black Ebony excellent   HC  
TRIBE Les Paul style   recent Black metal body – Aluminum top Ebony excellent Two humbucking pickups    
EKO Rokes 6 string   1966 Sunburst ebony excellent priv.coll. no case  
EKO Rokes 12 string   1966 Sunburst ebony excellent+ priv.coll. no case  
HOFNER 173   early 60’s Red vynil rosewood excellent   no case  
HOFNER 163   early 60’s Red vynil rosewood excellent   no case  
GUYATONE LG50B   late 50’s Sunburst rosewood excellent   HC The first guitar used by Hank Marvin with
Cliff and The Drifters
TRIBE Telecaster style   recent Green rust maple excellent Metal body – Neck humbucking – Bridge single coil pickups    
EKO Cobra 12 string   mid 60’s Red rosewood excellent-   OHC  
HOFNER 455 S E2   late 50’s Natural rosewood very good+   no case  
RICKENBACKER 450   1967 Mapleglo rosewood excellent   OHC  
GRETSCH 6120 Chet Atkins Hollow Body   1965 Western Orange ebony excellent   HC  
GRETSCH 6120 Chet Atkins Hollow Body   1957 Dark Western Orange ebony excellent- Historical instrument pre-owned and played in the 50s by Dave Blaser, guitarist for “Lee Mace’s Ozark Opry” Memphis,TN OHC  
HERTZ Hollow body   early ’60s? Sunburst rosewood excellent You can see it on gig bag  
GUYATONE LG40H   late 50’s Natural rosewood excellent   no case  
VOX Mark VI Custom made   1967 Red ebony excellent   OHC Two De Armond White Dynasonic pickups – Built-in fuzz
EPIPHONE Zephyr De Luxe   1955 sunburst rosewood excellent   OHC  
BURNS “Apace” 6 string 2007 White rosewood Mint priv. coll. OHC prototype (1 out of 3 made)
BURNS “Apache Double Six” 12 string 2009 Green rosewood Mint priv. coll. OHC # 003 (1 out of 3 made for Hank Marvin)
GRETSCH Chet Atkins Country Gentleman   1961 Walnut Stain ebny excellent   OHC  
DANELECTRO Guitarlin   1964 Bronze & White Sunburst rosewood excellent   HC  
GRETSCH Tennessean   1962/3 Walnut rosewood eccellent Bigsby bridge OHC  
GEMELLI Stratocaster style guitar   mid 60’s Green rosewood near mint   no case  
CORAL Hornet   late 60’s Red rosewood excellent   HC 2 pickup model
CORAL Firefly   late 60’s Sunburst rosewood excellent   HC  
EKO (?) 8 string electro-acoustic mandolin   mid 60’s Redburst rosewood excellent   no case  
ROM solidbody guitar   mid 60’s Sunburst rosewood excellent   no case  
SEDOVA solidbody guitar   mid 60’s Sunburst rosewood excellent   no case  
FUTURAMA III solid body   60’s Red maple very good+   no case  
GRETSCH Malcolm Young Signature   recent Red rosewood excellent  priv. coll. OHC Autographed by AC/DC band members
DANELECTRO Double Neck   early 60’s White Sunburst rosewood excellent   OHC  
MEAZZI Hollywood by Panati 4V   early 60’s Brown Marble rosewood near mint   gig bag Rarest!
MOSRITE Joe Maphis Double Neck   1966 Sunburst rosewood near mint   OHC  
DE VITA “Palomino” di Enrico Ciacci   early 80s See-through-body Red maple excellent Maestro Enrico Ciacci’s main guitar in the last 40 years – priv. coll.    
BURNS Marvin   1964 White


excellent   HC  
BURNS Bison   1965 Black Rosewood excellent   HC  
BURNS Double Six   1965 Sunburst Rosewood excellent   HC  
GRETSCH 6120 Duane Eddy   1997 Western Orange ebony mint priv. coll. OHC Guitar, warranty certificate and tag signed by
Duane Eddy
GRETSCH White Falcon   1962 White ebony excellent   OHC  
SADOWSKY Jimmy Bruno mod.     Sienna Burst ebony mint priv. coll. OHC A gift from my friend Frank Vignola, who wrote
me a beautiful dedication on the scratchplate
GRETSCH 6122 Country Gentleman   1960(!) Walnut stain ebony excellent priv. coll. OHC Never seen before!: double cutaway, real “F” holes, neck p.u. 0.7 cm. far from fretboard
EKO 500   early 60’s Red rosewood very good+   no case vibrato handle missing
MELODY-EKO 50   early 60’s White Pearl rosewood excellent   OHC