modello tipo anno colore tastiera particolari stato custodia note
Les Paul Custom 1969/70 Black Ebony Small volute-No “Made in USA”-No dot over Gibson’s “i” Exc.- OHC
ES 330 TD 1967 Cherry Red Rosewood Exc. No case Ex Guido Toffoletti – priv. coll.
Les Paul De Luxe early 70s Cherry Sunburst Rosewood Small volute – Made in USA – Mahogany neck Exc. HC
Les Paul Recording 1974 Mahogany Rosewood Exc. OHC Dedication and autograph by Les Paul priv. coll.
ES 335 DOT 1985 Cherry Red Rosewood Exc. OHC Autographed by Keith Richards and his band –    priv. coll.
BB King Lucille 1998 Black Ebony Exc. OHC Scratchplate autographed by B.B. King priv. coll.