Brand Mock up Year Other
WEM Watkins copycat seventies tape echo
E.Harm. Memory Man seventies echo – chorus
IBANEZ PT-9 eighties phaser (we have 2)
E.Harm. Crying Tone seventies wah-wah
E.Harm. Switchblade seventies channel selector
E.Harm. Electric Mistress seventies flanges (we have two)
E.Harm. Clone Theory seventies multi effect (we have two)
IBANEZ FL 301 seventies flanges
E.Harm. Screeming Tree seventies treble
ONLY Cry Baby early seventies wow – wow
IBANEZ TS 808 early eighties overdrive
E.Harm. Vocoder seventies
MORLEY Wah-Wah nineties
Meazzi Distortion Volume seventies fuzz
HOFNER Wah-Wah sixties
E.Harm. DoctorQ seventies envelope follower
IBANEZ CP 9 eighties compressor
E.Harm. Crying Tone seventies wow – wow
Elettra Torino Tube tester
IBANEZ FL-9 eighties flanges (we have three)
ARBITER Fuzz Face sixties
E.Harm. Black Finger seventies compressor
E.Harm. Hare-Lip seventies michrophone echo
ROCKMAN Distortion Generator eighties
YAMAHA Mic Mixer MA-18
MAESTRO Filter Sample/Hold F SH1 seventies
BOSS EC 3 eighties chorus (we have three)
BOSS PH 1 seventies phaser
BOSS DS 1 seventies distortion
VOICE SG 1 ? precision tuner
KORG FK 3 eighties volume pedal
JMF Mini Tuner eighties
Guyatone PS 001 eighties distortion
YAMAHA CH-01 eighties chorus
GELOSO Pre Amplifier Mixer G.300-V
DYNACORD Echocord sixties
ONLY Double Sound sixties wow – fuzz
FENDER Channel Select-Reverb
It. Harm. Vocoder seventies voice modulator
It. Harm. Full Double Tracking Effect eighties
It. Harm. Golden Throat seventies
It. Harm. Golden Throat II seventies
FENDER Fuzz – Wow seventies
PEARL OC – 07 eighties octaver
PEARL CO – 04 eighties compressor
IBANEZ FL 301 DX eighties flanges
Meazzi Hollywood Ecotric Distorsore sixties
IBANEZ SC 9 eighties stereo-chorus
ONLY Dynamic Sustainer seventies compressor (we have two)
ROLAND Phase II AP – 2 seventies phaser
MXR Distortion (block logo) eighties overdrive (we have two)
MXR Distortion (script logo) eighties overdrive
SEIWA JFM-100 Jet Flanger & Filter Matrix eighties
T.C. Electronic TC XII B/K eighties phaser
VOX Organ Volume pedal sixties We have three
BOSS PC – 2 seventies percussion ensemble
Rowe DeArmond FHC Floating Pickup
It. Harm. Frequency Analizer seventies
MXR Six band graphic equalizer eighties
DOD Phasor 401 seventies
BOSS DF 2 eighties Feedbacker & Distortion
IBANEZ UE 400 pedaliera eighties Compressor, phaser, overdrive, stereo-chorus
Rowe DeArmond 4 Dynasonic Pickups 50s Gretsch style – blackface
Rowe DeArmond 1 Dynasonic Pickup 60s Guild style – whiteface
MXR Noise Gate Line Driver eighties noise suppressor (we have two)
MXR Distortion II eighties overdrive
MXR Distortion eighties
It. Harm. Octave Multiplexer seventies
GIBSON Ted McCarty finger-rest pickup for arch-top guitar sixties
BOSS FROM 1 eighties Overdrive
Melo Ring Modulation seventies
MXR Stereo Chorus eighties power chord model
FENDER Wow – Fuzz late ’60s
DOD Compressor / 280 seventies
Rowe DeArmond Tremolo control mod. 60B fifties autographed by Duane Eddy
ONLY Phase Shifter KPS 900 seventies
Rowe DeArmond Volume pedal mod. 602 sixties
MXR Envelope Filter eighties
IBANEZ CP 9 eighties compressor
MXR Phase 45 eighties Block Logo (we have two)
MXR Phase 100 eighties
BINSON Pre-Mixer Echo sixties
BINSON Echorec 3 seventies
BINSON Echorec sixties
It. Harm. Electric Mistress seventies flanges (we have two)
MEGAVOX (distr. by Messaggerie Musicali) Ecophone fifties
Rowe DeArmond Mod. 1000 Rhythm-Chief fifties complete (pickup + slide bar + original cable)
BOSS MT2 current production metal zone
BOSS BD2 current production blues driver
MXR Blue Box (script logo) seventies Octave divider – Fuzz box (we have two)
BOSS CE3 eighties chorus (we have three)
VOX Wah-Wah sixties
VOX Wah-Wah early seventies
SEIWA Jet Flanger & Filter Matrix seventies
VOX Volume sixties volume (we have two)
SCHALLER F 121 Volume pedal seventies
It. Harm. Soul Preacher seventies Compressor (we have three)
EKO Crescendo seventies Volume pedal (we have four)
It. Harm. Attack Equalizer eighties
It. Harm. Bad Stone eighties Phaser
It. Harm. Small Stone eighties Phaser (we have five)
EKO Wah-Wah sixties
VOX Wow 1904 eighties Auto-wah
EKO Multitone seventies
BOSS Percussion Synthesizer PC2 eighties
BOSS PH-1 eighties
IBANEZ SF 10 eighties Flanges
BOSS TR-2 current production Tremolo
BOSS FRV-1 current production Reverb
KORG TNB-1 eighties Tone Booster
IBANEZ Overdrive II eighties
IBANEZ Rotary Chorus RC99 nineties
It. Harm. Muff Fuzz seventies
It. Harm. Poly Chorus seventies
BINSON Echorec Baby early 60s
MAESTRO Phaser seventies phaser (we have two)
JMF Electr. Mini Tuner eighties