Brand Mock up Year of prod. Color Keyboard Details State Custody
KAY Luxury 1963 brown rosewood excellent gig bag
ZERO-SETTE S.body bass mid sixties sunburst rosewood excellent priv. neck. no case
FRAMUS Swedish bass late fifties gold rosewood Original hardware very good no case
GIBSON EB0 1965 cherry rosewood Short scale – Nickel hardware very good OHC
SILVERTONE 1444 early 60’s black rosewood excellent no case
STEINBERGER XL 2A eighties black graphite ex
Red Canzian of POOH
excellent priv. neck. original gig bag
EKO Violin bass (995) mid sixties light brown rosewood excellent OHC
AMPEG – DAN ARMSTRONG Lucite bass 1970 transparent plexyglas rosewood Autographed by the late John Entwistle of
‘The WHO’
excellent priv. neck. HC
RICKENBACKER 4005 1967 black sparkle rosewood Rose Morris series very good HC
GIBSON EB3 1973 Walnut rosewood excellent OHC
EKO Violin bass (995) mid sixties light brown rosewood non original scratch plate very good Gig bag
DANELECTRO 6 string bass 1956 Black rosewood In the former Cajolá (autographed + letter) excellent a piece of history! neck. priv. OHC + original gig bag
EKO Rokes ca.1965 Sunburst rosewood excellent- priv.coll. HC
DANELECTRO 6 String Long Horn Baritone Guitar 1959 Bronze & White Sunburst rosewood excellent HC
CORAL Wasp Baritone Guitar late 60’s Sunburst rosewood excellent no case
HOFNER Violin Bass 1965 Sunburst rosewood excellent- Modern HC
BUXOM 4 string bass mid 60’s Red rosewood Made by Eko after Kadett bass – Of serial
number on back plate
excellent no case
Meazzi Hollywood by Panati early 60’s Brown Marble rosewood excellent no case
JACKSON Violin Bass mid 60’s Tobacco Sunburst rosewood good no case
Meazzi Effebass mid 60’s Sunburst rosewood excellent HC