Marca Modello Anno prod. Colore Tastiera Stato Note Custodia
MARTIN Style A Mandolin 1925 Natural Ebony excellent HC
MARMA  archtop sixties Cherry s/b Rosewood excellent no case
Ivan Graziani e Massimo Bubola
seventies Walnut Rosewood excellent priv.coll. HC
MASETTI double neck Luca Olivieri’s Grandfather’s guitar 1953 Natural Rosewood very good priv. coll. OHC
EPIPHONE Zenit 1956 Natural Rosewood very
GIBSON RB 250 Mastertone banjo 1967 Gold plate Ebony Excellent+ OHC
ZEROSETTE Hollow Body mid 60’s cherry red Rosewood Excellent+ no case
MARTIN Custom Based on D-28 specs recent Natural Ebony Near mint Unique example, especially made for the late John Martyn and his friend Flavio Bellin OHC
FENDER Wildwood III 1966 Natural Rosewood Excellent HC
MARTIN D 18 1978 Natural Rosewood Excellent+ OHC
AUCIELLO Arch-top 1945 Natural Ebony Excellent No case
EKO Oliviero Pigini # 41/55 2014 Natural Ebony Near mint OSC
OVATION mod. 1312 Ultra Series 80’s Greenburst Rosewood Excellent Signed by John Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora – priv. coll. No case
REGAL University 1920 ca. Mahogany Rosewood Very good+ HC
NATIONAL Style O 1937 Nichelplate Ebony Excellent 14 frets clear of body HC
OVATION 1618 Glen Campblell 70’s Natural Excellent HC
GRETSCH Rancher 1962 Orange Rosewood Excellent- No case
DOBRO Mod. 47 (?) 1936 Sunburst Rosewood Excellent HC
GIBSON J 160e 1955 Sunburst Rosewood Excellent HC