Marca Modello Anno prod. Colore Tastiera Stato Note Custodia
MARTIN Style A Mandolin 1925 Natural Ebony excellent HC
MARMA  archtop sixties Cherry s/b Rosewood excellent HC
Ivan Graziani e Massimo Bubola
seventies Walnut Rosewood excellent priv.coll. HC
MASETTI double neck Luca Olivieri’s Grandfather’s guitar 1953 Natural Rosewood very good priv. coll. OHC
EPIPHONE Zenit 1956 Natural Rosewood very
GIBSON L 50 1958 (?) Sunburst Rosewood very good HC
GIBSON RB 250 Mastertone banjo 1967 Gold plate Ebony Excellent+ OHC
ZEROSETTE Hollow Body mid 60’s cherry red Rosewood Excellent+ HC
MARTIN Custom Based on D-28 specs recent Natural Ebony Near mint Unique example, especially made for the late John Martyn and his friend Flavio Bellin OHC
FENDER Wildwood III 1966 Natural Rosewood Excellent HC
MARTIN D 18 1978 Natural Rosewood Excellent+ OHC
AUCIELLO Arch-top 1945 Natural Ebony Excellent HC
EKO Marco Polo 2019 Natural Roupanà Near mint OSC
EKO Oliviero Pigini # 41/55 2014 Natural Ebony Near mint OSC
OVATION mod. 1312 Ultra Series 80’s Greenburst Rosewood Excellent Signed by John Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora – priv. coll. HC
REGAL University 1920 ca. Mahogany Rosewood Very good+ HC
NATIONAL Style O 1937 Nichelplate Ebony Excellent 14 frets clear of body HC
OVATION 1618 Glen Campblell 70’s Natural Excellent HC
GRETSCH Rancher 1962 Orange Rosewood Excellent- HC
DOBRO Mod. 47 (?) 1936 Sunburst Rosewood Excellent HC
EKO Infinito 2019 Natural Walnut Near mint OSC
GIBSON Style A4 mandolin ca. 1910 Sunburst Ebony Excellent OHC
MARTIN O-16 NY 1962 Natural Rosewood Excellent HC
MARTIN D-18 1971 Natural Rosewood Excellent- New pickguard OHC
GIBSON J 160e 1955 Sunburst Rosewood Excellent HC
GIBSON Nick Lucas Grande 2015 Sunburst Rosewood Near mint OHC