I was born in Soave (VR) the 29 June 1944, and still there happily dress.

I am a true lover of the guitar since 1959, when I happened to listen to the Gretsch 6120 di Duane Eddy in “Rebel Rouser”. Then came "The Shadows", "The Ventures" and the thousands of other bands and guitarists that have further fueled my passion for this wonderful tool.

Ironically, while loving the guitar, I devoted myself – first as a hobby, then professionally – the battery. And so, in 1962, I formed the band with some friends from Verona "The Storms" (organic type "Shadows" , with two guitars, bass and drums), I left the following year – received his baccalaureate scientific – to join "Dino and the Kings", with whom I had my first record deal at RCA. Italian. It was at this time that I began to play the guitar.

In 1965 “I Kings”, Dino left, began a career independent and created for Durium some individual (among which was the highly successful "The answer", Italian version of "Blowin’ in the wind” di Bob Dylan) ed one L.P.

Military service interrupted abruptly my musical career between the 1967 and the beginning of the 1968.

Just that fall resumed his university studies, in that 1971 ended with a degree in Political Science, and with the beginning of a good banking career. During those years my passion for the guitar grew increasingly, until I become a decent collector, before instruments "light" and then pieces of increasingly important.

Following this inclination, and eager to meet other fans like me, IDEAI in 1991 the "National Exhibition of Electric Guitar and Acoustic Collection” , which was held in Soave (VR) up to 2012, and ended in 2013 Vicenza with a very special edition, who saw the event distribute among the Palladian Basilica (show / market), the Olympic Theatre and the Municipal Theatre for evening concerts.

At the end of 1997, tired of the banking, I wondered if it was time to grow, and to give my life another way.

So it was that, albeit with a certain fear of not succeeding, but with the conviction that the way was right, I decided to fulfill my old dream: deal with guitars full-time….do my hobby my job.

Reached an agreement with Giambattista Zerpelloni, holds "Musical Box” – one of the largest national trade of musical instruments and the "service" concert – realized, inside his shop in Verona, my "Guitar Ranch", in which I was happy to get the best professionals and enthusiasts of the guitar "vintage" and quality.

After the tragic theft that I suffered in 2006 (I was stolen 157 guitars), at the cost of great efforts, ricostituii my collection of vintage guitars and convertii the shop in a museum, the “Museum of Guitar Ranch”.

At the end of 2015 ho chiuso l’esposizione presso “Musical Box” e ho trasferito la mia collezione a Soave.

The “Museum of Guitar Ranch” contiene sempre tante chitarre elettriche, electroacoustic and acoustic, amplifiers and accessories "vintage", collection and quality, tra i quali strumenti Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, Gretsch, Vox, Marshall and other world famous brands.

The “Museum of Guitar Ranch” si può visitare su appuntamento, by contacting me at the following addresses:

e-mail: pierpaolo_guitar_ranch@yahoo.it

phone: (+39) 335 7901346